Alf Landon's Speech on Social Security 1936 Presidential Campaign

John K. Taber jktaber at
Fri Jul 31 15:28:22 PDT 1998

Charles Brown wrote:
> I read Alf Landon's speech. I was
> struck by how leftwing and
> pro-worker his demogogy was,
> because of the economic
> depression. How about the
> ploy,'you're too smart to need
> the government to look after
> your old age' ? Basically Reagan
> sold that, didn't he ? 'You all
> are too smart to let the govmnt
> take care of you '
> Charles Brown

Indeed. Do visit the SSA web site for history. There was an EPIC program in Calif in the 30s lead by Sinclair Lewis that Calif business combined to attack in much the same left wing pro-worker demogogy. There is a copy of a flyer they stuffed in every worker's paycheck denouncing EPIC (I've forgotten now what the letters stood for).

Give it a try. There are really no new arguments against social security since the denouncements of it in the 30s.

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