Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jun 1 12:37:00 PDT 1998

> But we did cause the death of a million Vietnamese out of sheer macho
> arrogance...

Yes, the impact of the killer bombing wasnot evident immediately. Electrical grids and generators were targeted which had devastating impact on the nation's health, its water supply, and sewarage systems, its power and irrigation and facilities. These bombing raids were linked to the widespread use of defoliants. The upshot of these homicidal onslaughts and the systematic sabotage carried out resulted in the deaths of well over half a million women and children.

Oops, this is the war Habermas supported, not the one Adorno was so confused about.

Source. "Iraq: Logic of Exterminism", Frederick Clairmonte, Economic and Political Weekly (4/4/98)

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