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Mon Jun 1 13:33:05 PDT 1998

It was Alan Cranston, 10 years ago. Politicians don't come that cheap anymore.
> p.s. Are we so sure David Bonior DOESN"T side with "the big bucks boys"
> except on a few hot button issues? I think his fans on this list may be
> romanticizing him a bit -- that opposition of Bonior to "blow dried
> clones" for example. Do you really think some fabulous leftist and
> natural man got to be number two (or is it number one) man in Congress?
> That he doesn't cultivate an image? I came across a quote from a
> Congressperson (forget who) who said every DAY he was in office he had
> to raise 3000 dollars. I suspect that particular law of political
> physics has not been suspended in the case of David Bonior.

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