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>Well, I don't pretend that my group, Solidarity, has solved the secret of mass appeal. But we are most >expressly and be design not a looney would be vanguard, also not a party; and no one has ever accussed us of >being a pawn of the Democrats. Incidentally our members are active in Nell on Wheels, the rank and file NT >Transport Workers Union Caucus. We have blue collar trade unionists like Mike Parker in Detroit who write >books, professors who are activists, like Nancy Holmstrom (Rutgers-Newark, lives in NY--I mentuion her in >particular because you sewem to be a New Yorker), and lots of interesting people.

I'm an ex-Texan living in Olympia, Washington. Your idea that I'm a New Yorker must have come from my winning personality.

>I've found us useful for a long while--10 years I've been in now. It's notv the best group there could be, >but it's the best I've found, and it keeps me paying dues.

I checked out the Solidarity web site. "Against The Current" is a good publication . And the organizational goals stated are very -- virtuous. But the site does not make it clear exactly what I would do as a member of Solidarity.

Does Solidarity work to support other organizations as a group? Does it have local chapters? Or is it more of idea and strategic planning center for individual activists? Exactly how have you found it useful?

P.S. feel freel to reply by private email at lipowg at I can't seem to get though on your private email or I would not have sent this to the whole list.

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