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Tue Jun 2 11:02:35 PDT 1998

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Gar W. Lipow wrote:

> I'm an ex-Texan living in Olympia, Washington. Your idea that
> I'm a New Yorker must have come from my winning personality.

I thought you put a heavy emphasis on NY stuff in your post.

I know we have an active Portland Ore, chapter; I don't know about Wash. State. Write the NO at 7012 Mich. Ave., Detroit, MI 48210 for info.

> I checked out the Solidarity web site. "Against The Current" is
> a good publication . And the organizational goals stated are
> very -- virtuous. But the site does not make it clear exactly
> what I would do as a member of Solidarity.

I'll tell them to fix this.

> Does Solidarity work to support other organizations as a group?

Miost of the work is at the local chapter level. In Detrot, for example, most people are in auto, lots in the plants; there area few proferssor and journalists. Theyu have done a lot od atrike support work around the newspaper strike. In Ann Arbor, the chapter organizes as a student/town group to do varioyus things; when I was there, it was mainly educationals; lately I hear it's been Nike work. In Columbus, where I am, the chapter never quite gelled. I'm moving to Chicago, where there is a large chapter which has been more or less active in various things, e.g.,, prochoice work.

> Does it have local chapters? Or is it more of idea and strategic
> planning center for individual activists? Exactly how have you
> found it useful?

Well, it's good when you have an active chapter to be hooked into the local work. When you don't, as here in Cols, you have a national network oif people who support and argue with you. As with a lot of groups, wehat you get out is what you put in.

> P.S. feel freel to reply by private email at
> lipowg at I can't seem to get though on your
> private email or I would not have sent this to the whole list.

Nah, I'll recruit the whole list if they'll join. We're not perfect, but we're the best thing going.


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