Taken for Granted or Left Out (To Katha Pollitt)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Wed Jun 3 10:45:26 PDT 1998

Doug wrote:
>>They are very
>>very welcome as long as they oppose American Imperialism. Go ahead. Make my
>Actually, a good bit of the libertarian right - noncorporate libertarian,
>that is - is highly anti-imperialist. They believe that the U.S. empire
>undermined all the pre-imperial democratic traditions (overlooking the fact
>that in those halcyon days, only white guys could vote and own property).
>One of the strongest denunciations of the Gulf War I read came from Lou
>Rockwell, who runs something called the Von Mises Institute at Auburn
>By the way, Rockwell & his fellow von Miesians think that Hayek was a
>social democrat.

But they normally don't show up for demonstrations and other kinds of actions, do they? Certainly not here in Columbus.

I'm not against the 'let's talk to them' line of argument, in so far as those who propose it actually practice it and bring them to OUR side.


P.S. Sorry for a two-liner here, but I'm truly pissed off.

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