Religion and the left

Max B. Sawicky sawicky at
Wed Jun 3 18:17:13 PDT 1998

Charles Brown wrote:

> Yes, Justin's children are making the kinds of explicit statements of position that Lefty adults should more. Justin, do you think they might want to join the Left when they grown up ?
> Charles
> >>> Justin Schwartz <jschwart at> 06/03 8:09 AM >>>
> On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Mathew Forstater wrote:
> . . .
> My own daughter. at age 3 1/2, reduced a Christian classmate at daycare to
> tears by announcing loudly that "Jesus is just a story, like Zeus." My
> then-four year old son and his girlfriend, who (the girlfriend) was
> attending a Catholic daycare at the time, used to have these theolgical
> discussion. God's in his heaven, she would say. Is not, Joel would reply.
> Is too, Merle would sais. Is not Is too.
> Joel then caused a good deal of upset at his daycare this year by breaking
> the news to his classmates that Santa Claus is really their parents.
> --jks

So it looks like The Nation has a future, if not the nation.


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