Spanish Language Labor History for Immigrant Workers

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Some years ago (1983), the United Electrical Workers, which had distributed Labor's Untold Story by Herbert M. Morais and Richard O. Boyer (Marzani & Munsell: 1965, Second Edition), arranged to have it translated into Spanish and printed in Mexico. I have one copy. I have no idea how many more there may be floating around. You should contact the UE in LA (I believe the office is in Compton) and speak to David Johnson. If he does not know about it, tell him that the arrangements were handled by Humberto Camacho, UE International Rep, now retired. Alternatively, the UE national office in Pittsburgh, PA might have copies. The Spanish language edition was published by Sindicato Unico de Trabajadores de la Industria Nuclear (SUTIN), which was the Electrical & Nuclear Workers of Mexico. I am not sure they still exist under that name. The ISBN Number is 0-916180-01-8 for the English edition.

Additionally, the UE has many Spanish-speaking members. Its national newspaper, the UE News has a Spanish-language page in ever edition. They use lots of cartoons for organizing, many of which have Spanish captions, and may have other materials in Spanish.

Hope that helps you out.

In solidarity, Michael Eisenscher

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>Subject: Spanish Language Labor History for Immigrant Workers
>Michael Everett sends this important request. Can anyone
>help either with actual material or with a suggested contact? SW
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>I work with a local of mostly immigrant hotel and restaurant workers.
>Most of these workers have limited education and english language
>skills. Many's the time I wished I'd had some spanish language
>material to give them about labor history and their important role in
>We need illustrated materials written in simple language that can be
>cheaply reproduced. My dream would be a spanish-language labor
>history comic book targeted at workers and families. If it was done
>well, I assure you, it would be pass through the hands of many
>If anyone knows of labor history materials like this, I'd be grateful
>for details. Otherwise, perhaps someone on this list would consider
>the intriguing idea of distilling all of American labor history into
>one lurid, riveting comic book.
>Michael Everett
>Santa Monica, CA
>ia728 at

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