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Hey, nurev at is the statement at the end about becoming white supremacist since joining the listserve your statement, or part of a forwarded statement? It's hard to tell because there are none of those >> type quotation marks. That's sort of an interesting speech there. I'm german, and the part about germany is vaguely accurate, considering the perspective. Youth in germany are much much more active than in the U.S. I would guess that perhaps 12% of germans are far right, while maybe 6% of people in the U.S. are. But germans are rather fixed in their opinions. They are forced to be political and are confronted with their historical past on a weekly or daily basis, and most become neurotic moderates who support a broad social net as a result. Then when they are confronted with unemployment rates over 15%, the population is surprisingly passive (compared to the U.S.), and it would be highly unlikely for them to elect a far right, left or populist fringe candidate. The U.S. is much more prone to wide fluctuations politically and we can get these votes where David Duke gets the majority of the white vote in Louisiana or Pat Buchanan gets 40% of the primary in New Hampshire - I just can't believe that such high percentages of people are really nazis, but I think that the level of political literacy is abysmally low.

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> American Dissident Voices Online Radio
> Improving Our Souls
> by Dr. William Pierce
> National Alliance Chairman
> Perhaps you won't mind if today I just share a few thoughts with you
> about where our people are now and where we're headed, instead of doing
> my usual news analysis.
> One of the things I've complained about often is that when so many
> terribly destructive things are happening to us, most of our people are
> simply remaining as spectators, refusing to lift a hand against the
> enemies who certainly will destroy us if we permit them.
> We have Bill Clinton in the White House, the clearest proof there could
> be that the present political system in America, the system by which we
> choose our legislators and our governmental executives has gone
> completely haywire. We simply cannot have people like Bill Clinton as
> President, and the gang of criminals in the Congress making our laws,
> and expect America to survive. Hundreds of thousands of responsible men
> and women should rise up in righteous wrath against Washington and its
> system. But they don't.
> Or consider immigration: it is destroying America. Much of California
> and Florida have been transformed from White to non-White areas during
> the past couple of decades, and the same thing is happening in many
> other parts of the country. Areas which used to be clean, decent, and
> White have become Third World jungles. Millions of people realize what
> is happening, but very few are willing to do anything about it, except
> move to a Whiter suburb. Most White Americans are even afraid to say
> anything about the darkening of America, from fear of being denounced as
> "racists" by the loudmouthed, bullying forces of Political Correctness.
> The Clinton government realizes that most of the people who don't like
> what is happening to America are suffering from moral paralysis at this
> time and will not rebel, no matter what the government does, and so the
> government keeps our borders open, knowing that every non-White
> immigrant is another supporter of the Clinton system, and to hell with
> the country.
> The schools are another indicator of America's illness. I've spoken on
> other programs about specific aspects of the school problem: a lack of
> order and discipline, lower standards, falling performance. The schools
> have become so bad that even the government is worried about them. But
> of course, no one can fix them, because no one is willing to address the
> real problems behind the failure of the schools. The feminists and the
> egalitarians and the multiculturalists are instantly ready, with the
> support of the controlled media, to attack anyone who questions what
> they and their doctrines have done to the schools. And so the great
> social experiment in the schools goes on, with the pioneers of the New
> World Order laboring to condition the next generation of young Americans
> to be happy consumers in a more "diverse" and egalitarian society. And
> if occasionally the brainwashing doesn't "take," and the kiddies become
> alienated to the point that one or two of them decide to blow away a
> dozen or so of their classmates and teachers, why then clearly what's
> needed is even more diversity -- and more metal detectors at the
> schoolhouse doors.
> The clearest indicator that we have a very serious problem is in our
> people themselves: the young boys who wear backward baseball caps and
> baggy shorts and ape Black speech and manners, because they've been
> watching MTV and believe that it's "cool" to dress and behave like
> Blacks. Then there are the college girls who slavishly follow every
> fashion in attire and grooming, no matter how ugly or silly, and every
> fashion in ideas, no matter how foolish or destructive. What's cool or
> fashionable or "smart" for our young people is whatever the Jews of
> Hollywood or Madison Avenue dream up and present to them in a slick and
> glitzy package.
> All too often the Jews who are corrupting our young people have the
> eager assistance of fools or traitors from among those of us old enough
> to know better, and not just the politicians. Bill Gates's Microsoft
> Corporation buys full-page magazine advertisements promoting racial
> mixing. Bill Gates has enough money that he doesn't have to do that to
> please the Jews.
> Perhaps the most disgusting example of this sort I have encountered
> recently is a new Hollywood film called Bulworth. It's produced,
> directed, and acted in by actor Warren Beatty. Beatty always has been a
> limousine liberal who fancies himself a philosopher and a revolutionary
> as well as an actor. He likes to play far-left roles, both in films and
> in real life. Back when the Black Panthers were chic, Beatty was one of
> their patrons. He's sort of a male Jane Fonda. There's nothing Jewish
> about him except the ideas and causes he promotes. In Bulworth he plays
> a suicidal politician with a few loose screws who finds salvation in
> racial mixing. Beatty is the type of idiot who professes the belief that
> Blacks are somehow more honest and authentic and noble than Whites, and
> that Blacks have a lot to offer White society. He thinks that a mass
> rape of White women by Blacks might be a good way to improve our society
> and at the same time solve the race problem, so long as he can watch
> from his limousine and offer philosophical observations.
> People like Beatty wouldn't be dangerous, of course, if the Jewish media
> didn't encourage them and provide them with a way to infect
> impressionable young Whites with their sick notions. It is a fact, of
> course, that the majority of our young people take their cues from the
> Jewish media: if not from Sumner Redstone's MTV or Steven Spielberg's
> propaganda films, then from a television comedy series or slick magazine
> advertising or a Politically Correct comic book -- or from a piece of
> filth like Warren Beatty's Bulworth.
> What we see around us today are the consequences of the ideas, the
> policies, the attitudes, and the fashions pushed by the Jews in the
> media for the past 60 years or so. They began very cautiously, gradually
> trying to make interracial sex seem trendy and "smart," just as they
> began very carefully promoting the acceptance of homosexuality and
> trying to make feminism seem normal and reasonable, but today they are a
> thousand times more blatant than they were just 20 years ago. There is
> hardly a film coming from Hollywood today or a television series or an
> advertising campaign in a slick magazine which doesn't promote one
> aspect or another of the Jewish agenda on race or sex.
> So perhaps in this pervasive influence of the Jewish media we can see
> the reason for the passivity of our people in the face of their imminent
> destruction. The Jewish poison paralyzes the will before it kills the
> body. And if that is so, is not our situation hopeless?
> Well, you know, what the Jews are doing in America they also are doing
> elsewhere: in Britain and in France and in Germany and in Russia and in
> a dozen other countries. Now, the situation is a little different in
> each of these other countries, but in most places the Jewish program is
> about as far along as it is in the United States, and in some countries
> it is farther along. In Britain and France and Germany one sees exactly
> the same race-mixing propaganda and the same demand that nothing be done
> to slow non-White immigration and the same effort to make homosexuality
> acceptable that one sees in the United States, but in these other
> countries the Jews have succeeded in outlawing their opposition. Anyone
> who identifies the poison as Jewish can be thrown into prison. So in
> France and in Germany they have MTV, as well as their local equivalents
> of MTV, and they have their own idiots of the Warren Beatty variety
> helping the Jews push their poison, and it is a penal offense, a "hate
> crime," for a Frenchman or a German to say in public, "Hey, this Jewish
> propaganda is poisoning our people." So one might be even more inclined
> to think the situation hopeless in Europe.
> Nevertheless, the people in some countries are not quite as passive as
> in the United States, and if we pay attention to what is happening in
> Europe we may be more inclined to be optimistic about America's future.
> At the beginning of this decade, the communist regimes of eastern
> Europe, having bled dry the countries they had ruled with a bloody fist
> and an iron heel since the end of the Second World War -- or in the case
> of Russia since the end of the First World War -- quietly folded their
> tents. Actually, what the communist bosses did in most cases was switch
> hats, declare themselves "democrats" henceforth instead of communists,
> and continue hanging on to as much of their power and their ill-gotten
> plunder as they could.
> And for a while it looked as if they would get clean away with this
> swindle. There were no mass lynchings of the former commissars. There
> were no mass arrests, trials, and executions of those who had
> collaborated with the communist regimes. There was no campaign to hunt
> down and punish the criminals who were responsible for the murder of
> millions of anti-communist Russians and Ukrainians and Poles and
> Hungarians and Germans and Balts and Bulgarians and others during the
> time of communist rule. Even a blood-drenched monster like Lazar
> Kaganovich, Stalin's brother-in-law, the Jewish butcher of Ukraine, was
> permitted to die quietly in his Moscow apartment. This was at a time
> when the Jews and their bought politicians in the West were keeping
> public interest in their 45-year-old "Holocaust" sideshow alive by
> continuing to find and put on trial elderly Germans who were accused of
> having mistreated God's Chosen People during the Second World War. In
> the West the Jewish motto was "Never forget, and never forgive," and
> they used all of their media resources to persuade the world that they
> had suffered more than anyone else during the Second World War, and that
> the people who had made them suffer still needed to be hunted down and
> punished. But in the East, where they had ruled, their motto was "Let
> bygones be bygones."
> Of course, the Jews had made it illegal to accuse them for their crimes
> or even to defend too vigorously those whom they accused, which could be
> interpreted as "minimizing the Holocaust," a criminal offense in places
> like France and Germany. And they had had a long time to kill off most
> of their potential accusers anyway. These lay in mass graves all across
> eastern Europe, from eastern Germany to the Urals.
> But the biggest reason for the non-revolutionary and in some cases
> almost imperceptible transition between communism and democracy in
> eastern Europe and the failure of the people to undertake a thorough
> cleansing of their governments and other facets of public life in their
> countries, is that the people of eastern Europe are still becoming
> accustomed to not having the Jews' heel on their necks, and they haven't
> been able to organize themselves well enough to seize control of their
> own news and entertainment media -- yet.
> They are still governed by former collaborators of the Jews now wearing
> "democratic" hats. Russia's vodka-besotted Boris Yeltsin is a perfect
> example of this. A Slavic version of Bill Clinton, Yeltsin pals around
> with Russia's Jewish crime bosses, appoints Jews to top positions in the
> Russian government, and enjoys the support of the Jewish media.
> But things are beginning to show promise of real change. There is an
> emerging nationalism all across eastern Europe, and the Jews and their
> allies seem unable to stamp it out. In Russia, for example, the struggle
> between Russian nationalism, on the one hand, and Jewish cosmopolitanism
> and materialism, on the other hand, manifests itself at several levels,
> but the most noticeable level -- the level which has attracted the most
> media attention recently -- is the struggle on the streets between young
> Russians influenced by the two tendencies. In Moscow, St. Petersburg,
> and the other major cities of Russia, young Russians influenced by the
> Jewish spirit are loosely organized into gangs of so-called "rappers."
> They wear the same backward baseball caps and baggy pants seen among
> White MTV fans in America. They idolize Black street thugs, Black film
> stars, and Black sports figures. Many of them are the children of former
> Communist Party bureaucrats and other Russians who were relatively well
> off under communism. Drug addiction is very common among "rappers."
> Opposing the "rappers" are the young nationalists, many of whom are
> skinheads. The nationalists abhor Jews and any other non-White presence
> in Russia. They have contempt for drug users, and they enjoy beating up
> "rappers" and non-Whites they encounter on the streets or in shopping
> malls or cafes. In early May they provoked a bit of an international
> incident when they beat up a Black Marine guard from the U.S. Embassy.
> Today only a minority of young Russians are active nationalists, and
> only a minority of those can correctly be called "neo-Nazis," despite
> the Jews' tendency to apply that label to all of them. Their numbers are
> growing rapidly, however -- and two weeks ago the bombing of a Moscow
> synagogue provided a public signal that they know who the principal
> enemies of the Russian people are.
> In Germany one sees a similar opposition between young people under the
> influence of the Jews on the one hand and young nationalists on the
> other hand. The anti-nationalist element in Germany is a bit more
> diverse than in Russia and tends toward the "punk" style in music,
> dress, and grooming, rather than the "rapper" style, but this element
> draws its inspiration from the same source as the "rappers" -- although
> in Germany it is illegal to identify that source as Jewish. The German
> "punks," like the Russian "rappers," are heavily into drugs and MTV. And
> both groups have been taught contempt and hatred for their own people.
> The German "punk" element is augmented by Turks and other non-White
> immigrants, by homosexuals and feminists, and by some young middle-class
> Germans in the western part of the country who, though not sporting the
> spiked, dyed hair and slovenly dress of the "punks" and not sharing
> their drug habit, do have a similar hatred for their own people, the
> product of two generations of anti-German brainwashing imposed by the
> conquerors of the Second World War.
> German nationalists also are a fairly diverse lot. The German People's
> Union, whose unexpected victory in the provincial elections in
> Saxony-Anhalt in April has greatly alarmed the ruling German
> establishment, consists mostly of older people, who are predominantly
> conservative as well as nationalist. A younger and more vigorous
> nationalist group, the National Democratic Party of Germany, has members
> who are much more radical. Some of the younger members also are
> skinheads.
> Until about a year ago the German anti-nationalists liked to organize
> their punks to break up nationalist meetings and throw rocks and bottles
> at nationalist marchers, because they outnumbered the nationalists. This
> year, however, trying to break up nationalist meetings and marches is a
> lot less fun, because the nationalists for the first time are able to
> gather substantially larger numbers of young Germans together than the
> anti-nationalists can. The growth of radical-nationalist activism in
> Germany has been even more rapid than in Russia.
> Especially promising is the fact that there is much mutual sympathy
> between young Russian radical-nationalists and young German
> radical-nationalists. They both understand who their common enemy is,
> although the Germans are not permitted to say so in public.
> There are several reasons for the brighter prospect for patriots in
> Germany and Russia than in the United States, but the most important and
> immediate reason is economic. Unemployment currently is 13 per cent in
> Germany. The economy is even worse in Russia, and there is a glaring
> contrast between the life-styles of Russian workers and the ostentatious
> wealth of the Jewish organized crime bosses and entrepreneurs.
> There can be no doubt that low unemployment, economic stability, and a
> reasonably high standard of living make most of our people in America
> cautious about doing anything to rock the boat. People will tolerate
> almost anything, no matter how much they may disagree with it, no matter
> how repulsive they find it, if they can tolerate it in comfort.
> Generally it requires discomfort or anxiety about the future to move
> people to do what they know they ought to do.
> The old saying that suffering is good for the soul really applies in
> this case. The German and Russian people have been paralyzed by the same
> Jewish poison which has paralyzed us -- but the souls of the Germans and
> the Russians are being improved by their current economic situations. If
> they are lucky, their souls will continue to improve long enough for
> their patriots to wrest political control and media control away from
> the traitors and collaborators.
> And you know, that also could happen in America. Certainly the awareness
> of our fundamental problems here is increasing. What we need now is a
> substantial increase in our discomfort level, so that our souls can
> improve enough for us to recover from our moral paralysis and begin
> doing what we know we should do. Perhaps the Germans or the Russians
> will teach us how.
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> book.
> Joshua2
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> It's wonderful to see people make progress in their lives. I have
> watched
> this guy devolve from being a fence sitter on the issue of holocaust
> revisionism, into a liberal racist white supremacist. -- Joshua2
> -------------------------
> >This whole thing reminds me of the explorer who met a head hunting =3D
> >tribe. When he communicated his nervousness to them about their =3D
> >practice, they said:
> >"Oh that's just a bunch of lies put out by our enemies. Only our Holy =3D
> >Men actually remove heads, and then only on special high days. What do =3D
> >you think we are, savages?"
> After reading this I was a little surprised that the author
> missed a
> very good point that I've been considering posting on for awhile now.
> Since joining this list I feel both a little ashamed and a
> little
> proud to say that I have become a racist white supremacist. Things like
> statements from Jewish leaders indicating their contempt of all non-Jews
> and
> black vs white crime statistics have done that.
> But I can't and don't find myself hating All Jews and/or ALL
> blacks
> and/or ALL politicians and/or ALL "bankers" and/or ALL corporations. Why
> ?
> The answer is stated above. When the elite or leaders of a group (or
> even
> the most "visible" members of a group) commit atrocities, the rest of
> the
> group is perceived as thinking/acting the same way. The end result being
> the
> creation of hatred towards the entire group. (The old saying about one
> bad
> apple spoiling the whole bushel comes to mind.) I think we should all
> realize this so we can focus our hatred against those who deserve it as
> opposed to those who are merely associated in some way with them.
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