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Sun Jun 7 23:30:39 PDT 1998

C. Petersen wrote:
> Hey, nurev at is the statement at the end about becoming
> white supremacist since joining the listserve your statement, or part of a
> forwarded statement? It's hard to tell because there are none of those >>
> type quotation marks.

No it's definitely not mine. It was posted to a list which recently became infested with Nazis and revisionists. I included it as an example of one who crossed the line. This person would not have any leanings towards socialism no matter how kindly he were approached by one of the enlightened.

> That's sort of an interesting speech there. I'm german, and the part about
> germany is vaguely accurate, considering the perspective. Youth in germany
> are much much more active than in the U.S. I would guess that perhaps 12%
> of germans are far right, while maybe 6% of people in the U.S. are. But
> germans are rather fixed in their opinions. They are forced to be
> political and are confronted with their historical past on a weekly or
> daily basis, and most become neurotic moderates who support a broad social
> net as a result. Then when they are confronted with unemployment rates
> over 15%, the population is surprisingly passive (compared to the U.S.),
> and it would be highly unlikely for them to elect a far right, left or
> populist fringe candidate. The U.S. is much more prone to wide
> fluctuations politically and we can get these votes where David Duke gets
> the majority of the white vote in Louisiana or Pat Buchanan gets 40% of
> the primary in New Hampshire - I just can't believe that such high
> percentages of people are really nazis, but I think that the level of
> political literacy is abysmally low.

This is true for the less educated classes in the US, but not for the majority of Americans who are simply bamboozled by propagandistic slight of hand. The non-economic issues like race, religion, abortion, gay rights, women's rights, animal rights, free speech, and the right to have guns at home so that children have the freedom to kill each other, are always being featured by the media thus displacing the real issues which are economic. This is not to say that these issues are not important, but rather that politics in capitalist societies are about redistribution and the channeling of money to those in power.

David Duke, and Pat Buchanan are not the same. David Duke is an emotional distraction in the same way that Hitler was. Pat Buchanan is an indictment of the Left. While he is superficially not dissimilar from Duke, he is about the economics of the working class. The problem is that he is not an anti- capitalist. He or someone like him will be the magnet for non radicalized militia types. The others will swell the ranks of the Neo-Nazis when the bubble bursts.


> On Fri, 5 Jun 1998 nurev at
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> >
> > It's wonderful to see people make progress in their lives. I have
> > watched
> > this guy devolve from being a fence sitter on the issue of holocaust
> > revisionism, into a liberal racist white supremacist. -- Joshua2
> > -------------------------
> >
> > >This whole thing reminds me of the explorer who met a head hunting =3D
> > >tribe. When he communicated his nervousness to them about their =3D
> > >practice, they said:
> > >"Oh that's just a bunch of lies put out by our enemies. Only our Holy =3D
> > >Men actually remove heads, and then only on special high days. What do =3D
> > >you think we are, savages?"
> >
> > After reading this I was a little surprised that the author
> > missed a
> > very good point that I've been considering posting on for awhile now.
> >
> > Since joining this list I feel both a little ashamed and a
> > little
> > proud to say that I have become a racist white supremacist. Things like
> > statements from Jewish leaders indicating their contempt of all non-Jews
> > and
> > black vs white crime statistics have done that.
> > But I can't and don't find myself hating All Jews and/or ALL
> > blacks
> > and/or ALL politicians and/or ALL "bankers" and/or ALL corporations. Why
> > ?
> > The answer is stated above. When the elite or leaders of a group (or
> > even
> > the most "visible" members of a group) commit atrocities, the rest of
> > the
> > group is perceived as thinking/acting the same way. The end result being
> > the
> > creation of hatred towards the entire group. (The old saying about one
> > bad
> > apple spoiling the whole bushel comes to mind.) I think we should all
> > realize this so we can focus our hatred against those who deserve it as
> > opposed to those who are merely associated in some way with them.
> >
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