We are all Keynesians now

Justin Schwartz jschwart at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Mon Jun 8 05:14:24 PDT 1998

> The "We are all x's now" was, I think, started by the Tory PM Harold
> MacMillan, who said in the early 60s, We are all Socialists now.

I looked up the McM quote. McM actually said, Toryism has always been a sort of paternalistic Socialism. This was in the days before Thatcher, of course. And it's a clue to what he thought socialism (i.e., British Labourism, Webbism) was about. In fact there;s probably not that much difference between wet Toryism of the old school and the Fabianism of Beatrice and Sidney Webb. --jks

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