Consumer debt crunch and division by two

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Mon Jun 8 13:53:01 PDT 1998

Edward E Skiba wrote:

>It is my understanding that the government discontinued the research and
>anaylsis necessary to determine the quit rate, along with several other
>"minor" indices as part of the Reagan-era budget cuts. I can still remember
>the uproar in, of all places, the Reagan-worshiping Barron's magazine at the
>time this happened. Has the government returned to compiling this index?
>If not I would be interested who is.

The BLS reports the total number of "job leavers" among the details of unemployment (along with new entrants, reentrants, and job losers). You can also get an unpublished series out of them called "job leavers unemployed less than 5 weeks," which Alan Greenspan apparently looks at closely.


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