Credit is our friend

Juliana Shearer julie at
Tue Jun 9 09:41:59 PDT 1998

What are you talking about?? My SUBSIDIZED loans are between 8 and 10%. Have heard that the high rate is not due to present interest rates, but is in large part attributable to the high default rates of past borrowers. Luckily I finish school next week.

Dennis R Redmond wrote:
> Let's not forget that favorite friend of us overeducated and
> underemployed Net-proles, a.k.a. the Federal student loan program. You can
> go into six digits of hock, all at Government-subsidized 4% interest
> rates, and even pay off your old unsecured student loans (some of which
> run at 8.3% rates) with new loans. Now I know how Poland felt after
> Deutsche Bank refinanced their Communist-era hard currency debt in 1994:
> yippee!
> -- Dennis

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