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> >> He is a largely atheoretical
> >> fightoing people's lawyer with the notion taht the law should be
> >used for
> >> the public interest and against the big boys. He doesn't have a view
> >on
> >> the desirability of capitalism; his horizons don't go that far.
> >
> >Then why the fuck did he "run" for president?
> Wait a minute. What on earth does running for president have to do with
> one's opinions about the desirability of capitalism?

What doesn't it have to do with it? The president (or president wannabe) is supposed to be more than Tort-Lawyer-in-Chief. A president should have some kind of coherent philosophy and a vision of what a just society looks like. Nader completely fails that test -- he flunked it right out in the open while "running" for president.

While Nader has done some good things, by and large I think he's a twit. His candidacy was really pathetic and his refusal to take stands on social issues was disgraceful.

> As far as the larger attack on Nader, I have to admit that Doug's report
> about the Monitor incident doesn't sit well with me, but as far as I'm
> concerned one Ralph Nader is worth a thousand armchair Marxists.
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