Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Jun 10 11:45:21 PDT 1998

unterwelt at wrote:

>as far as I'm
>concerned one Ralph Nader is worth a thousand armchair Marxists.

And I'd take one perfectly grilled salmon over a thousand cans of Spam, too.

Is that the only choice? I know lots of Marxists who leave their armchairs to work as union organizers, volunteers in women's shelters, and to do popular education. A couple of them wrote the platform for the Labor Party, too, which, while it isn't perfect, is still pretty oriented towards the real world. I could also caricature the perpetual "activist" who is too busy organizing to think, and who greets any question larger than stoplight-scale issues as symptomatic of "the paralysis of analysis." The rigid theory/praxis split is bad for both theory and praxis.


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