Greed is good

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Thu Jun 11 08:26:11 PDT 1998

At 12:34 AM 6/11/98 -0400, Chris Hartman wrote:
>Capitalists need big potential rewards to take the risks that give the
rest of
>us jobs.

As John Kenneth Galbraith wryly observed, the rich will not work if they are paid too little, the poor - if they are paid too much. It does not take more than that to demonstrated the idicocy of managerial ideologies.

Deconstructing the neoliberal econo-babble is not difficult, indeed. Would the same principle hold for welfare recipients? Or workers on dangerous jobs. No? So why should we accept that logic for capitalists. And if they are so fucking expensive, perhaps it is time to think of more efficient alternatives to their dubious 'services' - like public financing and ownership.

I think arguments that ridicule the econo-babble and punditry in general can be quite convincing to the pople in a church basement. You can pout a spin on statistics, but it its difficult to put a spin on wry humor.



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