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So why bother talking to the rich & their lackeys at all? The only

audience worth talking to is one that can join you in struggle. Everything

else is chasing shadows on a wall.


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I wasn't trying to suggest that we all phone Stossel and set him straight on capitalism. My problem crops up when a volunteer popular educator is standing in a church basement in Wilmington, Delaware and the "audience that can join us in struggle" rejects a critique of capitalism by quoting Stossel or whomever, and two dozen expectant heads turn, waiting for an answer. A pithy rejoinder or a provacative counter-question would go a long way in these situations. For those who suggested some responses, thanks a mil.

Rather than do another Stossel snippet (the show kinda meanders on after that first clip), I'd like to keep the thread going on responding to the Jack Kemp argument that /jordan raises (to paraphrase):

Capitalists need big potential rewards to take the risks that give the rest of us jobs.

That one has come up in several church basements as well, and I must confess I could no better than Jesse Jackson did in answering it when it was posed to him.

For those who are interested, the Stossel transcript is available via Nexis. I'd also be glad to e-mail it to you directly. Let me know at CKHartman at

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