Meredith Glueck on sexual harassment

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed Jun 17 18:51:57 PDT 1998

Carrol wrote:
>Probably these different "causes" need to be distributed (perhaps in a
>hierarchy), and more importantly, the ones which operate systematically
>separated from any which are "merely" characteristic of particular cases.
>For your entertainment:
>As a purely individual but effective tactic of resistance, one anecdote
>from a book published around 30 years ago, *I, Bitch* (author not
>remembered) was quite wonderful. When in an office a manager, being
>rejected by a woman in the office, spread the rumor that she had slept
>with him, she retaliated as follows. She began confirming the
>story, but adding, "Yuck! After he came he pissed all over me." According
>to the anecdote, said manager shortly after found employment elsewhere.

I've been thinking that sexual harassment and gender discrimination are harder to combat if the harassers are not individual managers (with whom even a purely individual tactic of resistance can be effective, especially if a woman can expect support from her co-workers) but male co-workers who band together to create a hostile environment using a variety of tactics to make sure that women don't feel like they belong or can't even perform the work well.


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