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Indeed, one of the most eloquent debunkers of sex hysteria in the US has been Dorothy Rabinowitz, a member of the Wall Street Journal's loony-right editorial board. BTW, Rabinowitz drops occasional hints as to what might be a CP family background. Is she one of those Rabinowitz's who figure so heavily in US Communist history?

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The panic about child sex abuse did not emanate from the right.

The principle critics of child sex abuse, and proponents of these

extraordinary measures against families and child-care workers were

feminists or leftists. In this country the principle orchestrators of

the child-sex panic were Beatrix Campbell, former Communist Party member

and feminist writer, Dr Marietta Higgs, academic Gideon Ben-Tovim

another fellow traveler of the Marxism Today journal, Sue Lees of the

University of North London unit investigating domestic violence, and so


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. A concern for the

problem of the 'repressive family' drove these leftists to believe the

worst of people, and to presume widespread abuse where in truth it was

exceptional. Their over-riding concern to prevent abuse, made them

apologists for the most profoundly oppressive intrusion by the state

into people's private lives.


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