No comment on disability discrimination?

Marta Russell ap888 at
Thu Jun 18 07:10:58 PDT 1998

I find it interesting that NO one has commented on the fact that the individual was fired by the school board for having no fingertips got directed into a discussion about child molesters. I recieved this today, and think it may be applicable to this list. Correct me if I am wrong.
> as a church woman (I'm an Episcopal priest), I have made it my business over
> the last couple of years to write and write and write to people who publish
> lists of "the evils of the world to be righted" and include EVERYthing in
> their laundry lists but disability. it happens constantly. one of the best
> known Black ethicists and activists, well published, seminary prof, needed 3
> or 4 major papers from a disabled seminarian before he "got it" that
> disability is a justice issue!!!!!! in other words, we're even overlooked,
> discounted, oppressed, by those who are carrying the banners to end all
> oppression!
Is not the school teacher being OPPRESSED by having no fingertips?

Marta Russell Los Angeles

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