Flexible Work & Parenting (Was Re: Gender, Race, and Publishing on the Left)

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at jhu.edu
Fri Jun 19 09:13:22 PDT 1998

At 05:53 AM 6/18/98 -0700, Joshua2 wrote:
>I guess in the intellectual's universe biology is merely theoretical.
>is not a factor where ideology dictates that egalitarian ideals are on
>footing with, or even more desirable than mother / infant bonding.
>As long as we reproduce in some natural manner, females will be the
>care givers to offspring. That is not to say that this situation can't
>modified for social reasons, but this system apparently works well for
>anthropoids no matter how male / female wages compare.

What is biological necessity of procreation? Carrying and nursing a child, to be sure, but these activities take what, 18 months at the maximun of a woman's life? Or 36 moths out of her entire productive life (assuming 2 kids on average)?

Everything beyond that is socially constructed - thus totally depenedent how work, family life and leisure are organized. And, as a Mexican friend of mine says, "for money even a dog will dance" - let alone most males gladly taking housework and child care duties.



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