BRC agenda

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Jun 23 13:10:51 PDT 1998

I don't think anyone's mentioned this, but the BRC's Black Freedom Agenda is on The Black World Today's website at <>. Rhetorically at least, they're not kidding around:

>What we want is an end to the exploitation of
>capitalism, white racism and every manifestation of human oppression, a
>revolutionary transformation of the state and society, and the
>realization of humanistic values. What can unite us in struggle is a
>common vision and agenda for the twenty-first century, reflecting our
>aspirations and ideals, for the construction of a new society and a new
>I. We want an end to the exploitation of corporate
>capitalism. We fight for the abolition of white supremacy and capitalist
>domination over our people, and oppressed peoples and nations throughout
>the globe. Capitalism is the root cause of the major forms of social
>misery, hunger and exploitation in the United States and the world.
>II. We want freedom, self-determination and full human rights. We want an
>end to all forms of human oppression--racism, homophobia, sexism,
>discrimination against disabled people, anti-immigrant discrimination,
>class exploitation, and imperialism. We assert our right to self


I'd sign it.


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