Report from Z Media Institute 98

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Jun 23 14:20:31 PDT 1998

[SNIP] When I read about their model (I just recently took an online
> class given by Robin) I concluded that the amount of time spent in
> meetings is something that would be very difficult to predict, one way
> or another. To assume that democratic planning is equivalent to 1)
> face-to-face meetings and 2) a lot of time spent in meetings is, I
> think, simply unjustified by the evidence.

However one regards the Chinese Revolution, William Hinton's *Fanshen* is I think must reading for anyone thinking about mass participation, after, during, and leading up to any revolutionary struggle. Too many meetings, too few meetings, wrong ways of getting people to meetings -- it is the most detailed and thoughtful exploration of the promise and threat of meetings that I have read.


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