Asia and hormones

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Jun 25 07:34:11 PDT 1998

Mat Forstater writes:

[SNIP] There was a lot of talk on the list with regard to the BRC
> employing the term "universalist." (By the way, the Albert or Hahnel piece
> that said first there was class and then Black liberation came along in
> the mid-sixties obliterates 500+ years of African liberation struggles.

They not only ignore that 500 years of history, they actually ignore their own history. I doubt very much that I would be a marxist today (or that Albert and Hahnel would be whatever they are) had it not been for SNCC and the "rioters" of the inner cities. In fact, I doubt that this list would exist except as a late development of that Black struggle of 1955-65. Those who criticize the BRC and agonize over its "exclusivism" are shitting in their own beds.

Incidentally. Mat mentions George Jackson. The rarity of references to his writings in marxist discourse is itself "proof" if one needs it of the need for organizations such as the BRC (and the revitalization of Black and Women's caucuses inside the AFL-CIO). Are his books still in print? (I do thank the pseudo "universalists" on this list for provoking a thread which served to remind me I hadn't read George Jackson for quite a while.)


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