Parecon (WAs ZMI Forward)

Gar W. Lipow lipowg at
Thu Jun 25 11:37:02 PDT 1998

(Max Sawicky Said) ubject: RE: Parecon Planning -- (Was ZMI Report Forward)

>Without prejudice to your other comments,
>this seems pretty hard to support:

>>Answer) Two points here. As a practical matter,
going through this process is not a lot more complicated than going through a complex income tax. Anyone who has to pay quarter income tax goes through a more equally burdensome process. If it proves too extreme then we will end up with the profession of personal consumption planner.)>>

>I don't know what a 'quarter income tax'
is (a tax on income received in quarters?).

quarterly income tax. If you are self employed, you have to pay income taxes four times a year to make up the fact that you have nothing witheld from your salary on a monthly basis.

>As for the Federal personal income tax,
2/3rds of taxpayers file a 1040EZ or 1040A, both of which are simpler than any 'consumption plan.' Then of course, there are many who need not file at all, who would still presumably consume.


Yes, it was badly put. I was thinking about total social time. The total time spent filling out consumption forms in a parecon would not exceed the total time filling out income tax forms in U.S. capitalism. (I am including time spent by hired tax professionals.).

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