Red Spice

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Sun Jun 28 08:38:40 PDT 1998

> . . .
> in return is total bullshit. (Max wants us to believe in the great
> gains possible under capitalism, instead of learning from the last twenty
> years of defeats about the limits of the system).

There's not much need to argue with you because you are self-destructing here, but by way of clarification, I do not expect to change anyone's mind by posting. I do hope to find (and have) others who agree with me. I also find the exchanges a) informative, since I have been known to change my mind; and b) useful in honing one's arguments.

> . . .
> training, Reed on DuBois, Joe Wood's ed volume on Malcolm X (what makes
> his radicalism so interesting is that Malcolm and the NOI had cooperated
> with the KKK in terrorizing integration activists).


As far as Louis goes, when he says you have zero knowledge, that's just his way of saying happy birthday. He's been saying that to me for months. It's no bother.


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