Junior Hoffa & Leadership

Michael Eisenscher meisenscher at igc.apc.org
Mon Jun 29 22:07:16 PDT 1998

At 07:49 PM 6/28/98 -0700, Tom Lehman wrote:
>Dear Doug and the Left Business Observers,
>Why is everyone on the liberal-labor-left convinced that Junior Hoffa is
>the anti-christ?
>I don't believe in dynastic succession, but, Junior can't be all that

Oh yes he can!!! Why are you so willing to cut Junior so much slack. This guy has never worked as a real Teamster in his life. He was given a position by his crooked cronies, set up with a union card, and positioned to run as point man for the Old Guard. He is truly his father's son, but without the guts or class smarts. He gives the term "pawn" new meaning. That is not to say there are not honest Teamsters who support him. But don't be so quick to prettify a truly ugly, amoral, venal human being, and the even more corrupt forces behind him.

>Getting back to the subject of leadership. Many years ago a wise old
>labor pundit told me on the subject of union leadership, " I've seen
>them all come, and I've seen them go...the steelworkers, autoworkers,
>teamsters always remain." In other words, leadership changes, the rank
>and file member is the only constant.

Your wise old friend offers a prescription of inaction. Just sit and wait for the leadership to die, or get ousted by some other faction. It's like saying sooner or later there will be another ice age, but the earth will keep turning.

In solidarity, M.E.

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