brief comment on Jim and the Rakesh affair was Re: BRC debate

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Tue Jun 30 00:19:47 PDT 1998

At 02:16 PM 6/29/98 +0100, you wrote:
>So let me get this right.
>The sum effect of our debate over the BRC was that Rakesh, for failing
>to wholy endorse the BRC was denounced as a naive racist and resigned,
>leaving us a little closer to being an exclusively white list.
>Incidentally, on Keynes and the Nazis, wasn't his book published in
>Germany with a key Nazi writing the preface?
>Jim heartfield
Jeezzus Jim, you have the knack of getting right up my nose just when I had started to think you were half a human. Of course no one is happy about Rakesh pissing off. But the bloody truth is that he "spat the dummy" as they say in Oz.

This is not the first time either. I can recall attempting to debate the O.J. Simpson case with him. I came to the conclusion that it was quite impossible to get him to see anything dialectical at all about Afro-American mobilizations.

I have always found Rakesh to be a very brilliant man, but he also appears to be enormously sensitive to criticism especially of his attitude towards Afro-American issues.

Moreover I would like to say for the record that at other times on other lists his behavior towards Louis Proyect was nothing short of shameful and spiteful in the extreme.



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