cultural politics/"real" politics

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sun May 3 19:12:00 PDT 1998


>I'd have thought that making that
>process explicit was a way to loosen some of the bonds of constraint.

It might be, but a problem is that fashionable theorists ask us to enjoy the process of 'making that process explicit' in itself, endlessly. I wonder why they don't get tired of it themselves. After a while, boredom sets in.

Nonetheless, I think that a politics of desire of a certain kind can be a very charming 'fellow traveller.'

>And what about this surplus? In capitalist societies, that surplus is very
>unevenly distributed, and fucking-with-identity, or even thinking about it,
>is a marker of privilege. But wouldn't you like to see that privilege
>spread around a bit?

I think I was born just in time for mass production/democratization of SM.

Seriously, I think that the number of those who are given the privilege of fucking-with-identity may be on the decline, with the welfare state, public education, affirmative action, etc. having been eroded.


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