Help sought on _Scottsboro Alabama A Story in Linoleum Cuts_

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>From: "Seth Wigderson, University of Maine-Augusta"
>Subject: Help sought on _Scottsboro Alabama A Story in Linoleum cuts
>CAn anyone help Andrew Lee with more information on
>this intriguing item? SW
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>Because this item is dedicated to ILD (International Labor Defence),
>I am stretching H-Labor's always elastic boundaries...
>I recently picked up with a number of books, pamphlets, and serials a
>fascinating item: a bound volume of engravings that look to be an
>artist's book.
>_Scottsboro Alabama A Story in Linoleum cuts_ by Lin Shi Khan and
>Tony Perez" "Introduction by Michael Gold" "Dedicated to
>International labor Defence" "This is Book Number 2, made in the Old
>Howard Building Seatle, 1935, Tony Perez". All these are themselves
>linoleum cuts pasted onto what seems to be purple construction paper.
>The 2 and Tony Perez are written in pencil. Teh forward by Gold
>is typed on thin paper and pasted in. The book itself is a
>fascinating account of African-American history and Scoottsboro.
>I cannot find any entry for this item in the Research Libraries
>catalogue or OCLC. Has anyone seen this before.
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