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I have just posted the July journal of the Marxism mailing-list (accessible through the URL listed below), which are contributions by list members on the following:

1) Bhaskar, by Gary McClennan

2) Bordiga, by Mark Jones

3) Marxism and evolution: articles including reviews by Jim Farmelant of Ernst Haeckel and Ernst Mayr

4) Foucault, by João Paulo Monteiro

5) Notes from an ex-ISO'er,, by John Lacny

6) Music and revolution: discussion of Billy Bragg's newest CD, Leadbelly, Rage Against the Machine, Jazz musicians and the CPUSA, rap music

7) Maoists answer Adolfo Olaechea: Super-Maoist Adolfo Olaechea expels the Maoist Documentation Project from the Marxism-International mailing-list. Read their reply.

8) Is the ruling class against sexual permissiveness? Wilson and the swinging 60s revisited, by Mark Jones

9) Alan Sokal Revisited: articles pro-and-con Sokal.

10) A critique of Teodor Shanin, by James Heartfield

11) Somoza: our son of a bitch? Louis Paulsen digs into the question of who said what. Was it FDR or Cordel Hull who said it? Was it Somoza or Trujillo he was talking about? Did anybody REALLY say anything?

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