Lula goes Third Way

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sun Oct 4 16:10:41 PDT 1998

Richard Gibson wrote:

>I think Lula is going to lose, by a lot, because on the one hand people in
>Brazil are gulled by the 'respectable' promises of what we would call the
>right, and because on the other hand they know from experience that Lula's
>party is hardly the left, ie, committed to real social change, real
>equality and democracy[....]

While I was in Washigton this weekend, a friend showed me a Third Way declaration - in Spanish, so I couldn't understand it, I'm embarrassed to admit - drafted by Jorge Casteneda, and signed by Cardenas, Vicente Fox (of the right-wing PAN party), and Lula, among others. My friend says it's pretty weak - conceding economic policy to the right, and making adjustments around the edges.


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