Republican Party Advances in California...

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Sun Oct 4 16:15:27 PDT 1998

On 04-Oct-98 Brad De Long wrote:
>>That doesn't mean I'd even DREAM of voting for Gray Davis for
>>There IS a difference between flexible and flaccid.
>>Paul Rosenberg
>>Reason and Democracy
>>rad at
>Thus Dan Lundgren gains half a vote, and moves one step closer to
>Governor of California...
>Brad DeLong


Yeah, yeah. I threw my vote away once on Eldrige Cleaver ('68) and I'll never do that again. Sure I've heard all that vote green, vote this and that. Forget it. This is a war, and you just have to live with Demos, because otherwise, we'll all be living in some christian-fascist penal colony. (Not that we don't anyway--but I have become used to the minor sops at tolerance that the Democrats claim to support and that still remain in place). Bysides, nobody on the ballot is advocating an overthrown of capitalism.

Chuck Grimes

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