Social and Economic Well-Being by Race and Hispanic Origin

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McCord, Colin and Freeman, Harold P. 1990. "Excess Mortality in Harlem." New England Journal of Medicine. 322: 3 (January 18).
> Fellows, Jeffrey wrote:
> >Doug, thanks for the post. From what I have seen of the research on
> >socioeconomic status and health (including violence-related morbidity and
> >mortality), the race/ethnicity dimension of health disappears as a
> >statistically significant relationship once SES is controlled for. So a
> >report on the social and economic well-being by social class would have been
> >much more accurate. Of course, I am preaching to the congregation here.
> There isn't much data on this sort of thing broken down by SES rather than
> "race," is there? Though I do recall an article in the New England Journal
> of Medicine in the early 1990s that showed that even after controlling for
> income and education, blacks on average had worse health outcomes than
> whites. Is there any kind of consensus on this in the literature?
> Doug

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