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This news item has been circulating on a sex workers rights mailing list. It would be interesting to know the other side of this story -- what the prostitutes in those brothels say about their living arrangements. This has come up in the past and, in at least one case, the person attempting to register had no other residence at the time.

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Subject: 10/07: Fraud Alleged Among Prostitutes [NV Voting Rights]

Fraud Alleged Among Prostitutes .c The Associated Press

MUSTANG, Nev. (AP) -- Fearing a close call in the November election, a county sheriff candidate is trying to block as many as 100 prostitutes from voting in the next election based on residency requirements.

Charles Porchia contends the prostitutes at two legal brothels in Storey County list those brothels as their legal residence, although they actually live outside the county.

``While it is true they work in Storey County, I have personal knowledge that they are not actually residents of Storey County,'' Porchia said in his complaint filed Tuesday with the secretary of state's office.

``The prostitutes no more `live' in the rooms they rent for their business than a hairdresser `lives' at the station he or she rents in a beauty salon.''

Pat Whitten, Porchia's opponent, agreed that residency rules should be strictly enforced.

Porchia, a reserve sheriff's deputy, provided a list of 195 prostitutes whose names show up on county voter registration rolls. Many no longer live in the area but their names remain on the list until they miss two consecutive general elections.

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