Chomsky and Hero Worship

Peter Kilander peterk at
Sun Oct 11 01:55:51 PDT 1998

>Anyone who thinks "welfare has ended" hasn't
>the faintest idea what the government is and
>isn't doing.
>No offense to PK, but the next time I see
>this I swear I'm going to write something
>for In These Times or some damn left

No offense taken, especially since you owe me one since I called you Rumplestillskin even though I meant Rip Van Winkle in reference to your desire to be woken up when the crash occurs. So far, you've been proven right. As far as welfare goes, what do you think the numbers are? I talked to a non-radical social worker - on the front line so to speak - recently here in Chicago and she is worried.


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