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Sun Oct 11 17:41:15 PDT 1998

Dear Jim,

That sort of reminds me of a little discussion among the LBOers of how many years there were in a decade. Ten or eleven. Personally, in the political circles that I travel in, and here I am not speaking about steelworkers, the average politician would have to use his toes to get to the number eleven.

Sincerely, Tom

James Devine wrote:

> >I'm reminded of a reference in a Nation article
> >long ago. Somebody had written an ignorant
> >article criticizing public choice theory. (It
> >is possible to write a learned one criticizing
> >it, but that's another story.) In response to
> >a reader's objection, the reply cast aspersions
> >on cold-hearted mathematics and the analysis
> >of politics by use of a calculator.
> Unfortunately, some Marxists can be as bad (if not worse). EK. Hunt told me
> the story of a grad student at UC-Riverside who encountered what at the
> time was considered to be Marx's mistake in the presentation of the
> so-called "transformation problem" in vol. III of CAPITAL. This student's
> response: it's not Marx's mistake; the problem was with bourgeois
> mathematics.
> Jim Devine jdevine at &

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