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Thu Oct 15 21:29:32 PDT 1998

Doug, Aren't you understating what's happening? The Reps realize they have only one way to hold onto power: to stir their followers up to a moral frenzy so they'll turn out at the polls. Have we ever seen anything like this--a small minority of religious zealots have usurped power in the US through a super minority--less than 20% of the eligible voters actually participating in elections. But these are the people who vote no matter what and they vote one way.

The Rep moveda is really an attempt to discredit the Presidency in such a way that even Democrats will not want to vote and the Reps can make their case that their candidate (Elizabeth Dole?) is more legitimate. This will consolidate their takeover of the government.

chuck miller

Doug Henwood wrote:

> michael at ecst.csuchico.edu wrote:
> >I suspect that Monica et al is doing us a favor. By distracting Congress,
> >they are doing less damage. Also, since Clinton's only support is from
> >the liberals, he is behaving a bit more like a liberal.
> I have very mixed feelings about this. I hate Clinton, hate hate hate, but
> persecuting a guy for a blow job is a very bad precedent. The people behind
> it are horrid snoops & social disciplinarians.
> Doug

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