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Fri Oct 16 22:28:02 PDT 1998

Justin Schwartz wrote:

> We sure appreciate it. Meanwhile we smile at lawyer jokes. Starting
>salaries for young associates at big firms in Chicago--we're talking
>kids who are mostly 25 years old--just topped 90G. I could probably get
>with another 20 as a clerkship bonus. Of course for thjat kind of money
>don't have a life. You work 14 hours a day on short days. And this sort
>dough is mainly available for folks from fancy schools or who are at
the top
>of their class, have high powered federal judicial clerkships, etc.
>it's a lotta dough. Public interest work pays around 25-30.

This thread has been helpful to me in my reading Galbraith. I just had to throw in a quip here: Does a word processor in a law firm, working 8+ hours a night, necessarily have more of a life?


Happiness: "the least and best of human achievements." -- Frank O'Hara

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