more right-wing radio

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Fri Oct 16 22:58:01 PDT 1998


this morning I turned on Neil Boortz (Atlanta's Rush), and he was ranting about Larry Summers. He said Summers was the kind of left-wing appointees Clinton has given us.

I was confused. Then he started talking about how Summers had thrown out this idea on CNN(I think) of how we might tax imcome above, say $200,000/yr at a rate of 100% and some woman said she hoped she didn't need a cardiologist in Sept. cause he would have quit working in June, after he made $200,000 if that lleft-wing Treasury guy had his way.

Say what?

Well they call Summer's office, and of course, it wasn't Larry who had suggested this radical idea,,but someone else on the show.

Phew, for a few minutes I thought I had been transported into Bizarro World.

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