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Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sat Oct 17 10:45:55 PDT 1998

pms wrote:

>this morning I turned on Neil Boortz (Atlanta's Rush), and he was ranting
>about Larry Summers. He said Summers was the kind of left-wing appointees
>Clinton has given us.
>I was confused. Then he started talking about how Summers had thrown out
>this idea on CNN(I think) of how we might tax imcome above, say $200,000/yr
>at a rate of 100% and some woman said she hoped she didn't need a
>cardiologist in Sept. cause he would have quit working in June, after he
>made $200,000 if that lleft-wing Treasury guy had his way.
>Say what?
>Well they call Summer's office, and of course, it wasn't Larry who had
>suggested this radical idea,,but someone else on the show.
>Phew, for a few minutes I thought I had been transported into Bizarro World.

Back during the Bush era, Summers co-authored a paper with his wife, a lawyer, very cautiously suggesting a transactions tax on securities trading (a position he no doubt left behind in Cambridge). I quoted it in a Nation editorial. When the factchecker called him to verify that he'd written it, he exploded, saying it was just a speculative academic paper he didn't want appropriated for "political" use.

Maybe someone should tell Rush.


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