Fed cuts rates; crisis over?

K d-m-c at worldnet.att.net
Sun Oct 18 10:37:21 PDT 1998

Doug wrote:
>Yeah, I'm entirely with you on this. What made
you think I wasn't? Did you
>think I was siding with the cops?

No. (Why are the cops the only ones to side with here, anyway?) I simply agreed w/ Proyect that you seemed reluctant to recognize the radical potential of the strike. I mean, Doug, if you can (in the context of our Bad Subjects arguments) recognize that the Spice Girls and their followers may provide a basis upon which to tease out a feminist consciousness, then hey why not a Hyundai

strike, even one conceived as a mechanism to get back to business as usual?

>Don't be so defensive, Doug. I think what snitgrl

Two points:

First, it would be SnitgrrRl --three r's the last one capitalized. Third wave feminism kinda thang. Not that you care, by any means. Indeed, I don't care. By any means.

In any event, the jig is up because Frances revealed my 'true' identity. And now I see that Doug has too. Not that I have to disguise myself, actually Doug. And it certainly isn't the case that Kelley Crouse means anything or carries any more weight than SnitgrrRl. So what's the diff? I just like SnitgrrRl. I'm thinking of a name change to just one name. Madonna Style. An unpronounceable symbol, perhaps later. A very pomo thing to do me thinks. Not that I admire pomo, but precisely because I don't admire it might be why I'd do it. It's kind of contrarian of me, perhaps even iconoclastic, though that's a bit pompous I suppose. Which brings me to my second point. I think Doug gets perturbed when I respond to him as if I don't know better about his positions on certain matters. But it's the contrarian in me. Which bring me to my third point:

> and I are perturbed by is this obdurate
agnosticism on your part.

I am certainly not perturbed. I don't know if obdurate agnosticism is accurate. I think Doug might be more of an iconoclast. At the very least a contrarian. Like me. It's what I like about Doug. Most of the time.

>Frankly, I can't remember a single issue of LBO
where you went "apocalyptic"
>and I am a charter subscriber. I am beginning to
think it is your Yale education that won't
>let you express some kind of partisanship. I'm
glad I went to Bard College, what somebody called
>the little red whorehouse on the Hudson.

Little Red Whorehouse indeed. Hmmm last time I was there I was with an alum who'd performed at a reunion. We tried to campout on campus grounds, near that pompous looking white building with fountains and statues and such. Got kicked off by campus security, of course. But why the pretense that Bard is somehow different from Yale. Honestly, it's more of an ironclad ideology machine with the pretense of being leftish, even radical at times. Really, Proyect, a little agnosticism on your part would be helpful this time.


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