Fed cuts rates; crisis over?

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Oct 18 12:02:28 PDT 1998

K wrote:

>No. (Why are the cops the only ones to side with
>here, anyway?) I simply agreed w/ Proyect that
>you seemed reluctant to recognize the radical
>potential of the strike. I mean, Doug, if you can
>(in the context of our Bad Subjects arguments)
>recognize that the Spice Girls and their followers
>may provide a basis upon which to tease out a
>feminist consciousness, then hey why not a Hyundai
> strike, even one conceived as a mechanism to get
>back to business as usual?

I can't think of any strikes I didn't welcome. As bad as the UAW is, I'm always happy to see them strike,a nd I even pay them dues. I like most actions that fuck things up. But I don't like exaggerating things either. The LA riots were not an "uprising," as some lefties like to say. They had no political content. The Hyundai workers were on strike, and you always support workers on strike, but they weren't the avant garde of revolution.

I think the Spice Girls are terrible though, and Catherine Driscoll was absolutely maddening on the subject on BS. I see nothing feminist about them.

>In any event, the jig is up because Frances
>revealed my 'true' identity. And now I see that
>Doug has too. Not that I have to disguise myself,
>actually Doug. And it certainly isn't the case
>that Kelley Crouse means anything or carries any
>more weight than SnitgrrRl. So what's the diff?

There's no diff at all. It's all in the words; the signature's an afterthought.


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