Fed cuts rates; crisis over?

Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at gte.net
Sun Oct 18 12:28:02 PDT 1998

Doug Henwood wrote:

> The LA riots were not an "uprising," as some lefties like to say. They had
> no political content.

AMEN! So far as I can tell from here on the ground in LA, this is a kind of faux racial solidarity thing. As if calling a riot a riot would be racially demeaning.

The flip side of this was the outpouring of adulation for Tom Bradley on his passing a few weeks ago. The inability to soberly criticize and oppose Bradley is the guilty conscience that lies at the heart of this overcompensation, IMHO.

> I think the Spice Girls are terrible though, and Catherine Driscoll was
> absolutely maddening on the subject on BS. I see nothing feminist about
> them.

That's cause you're not an 8-year old girl, Doug. That's who they represent feminist consciousness to. And since rock 'n roll bands have represented freedom to teenage boys for going on 50 years now, who are we to argue? Lament, perhaps, but hardly argue.

Though I must say, The Fugs still do represent freedom in a way to me.

Kill For Peace!

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