SnitgrrRl (Re: Fed cuts rates; crisis over?)

Frances Bolton (PHI) fbolton at
Sun Oct 18 14:05:01 PDT 1998

On Sun, 18 Oct 1998, K wrote:

> In any event, the jig is up because Frances
> revealed my 'true' identity. And now I see that
> Doug has too. Not that I have to disguise myself,
> actually Doug. And it certainly isn't the case
> that Kelley Crouse means anything or carries any
> more weight than SnitgrrRl. So what's the diff?
> I just like SnitgrrRl. I'm thinking of a name

Apologies for inadvertantly outing you. I don't think "SnitgrrRl" was on the post I responded to, as it was embedded in someone else's response to you. I saw the "K" and knew it was you.

As for NYC pizza, you're not going to get a decent piece of pizza anywhere outside the NY/NJ area, and The best Pizza In The Entire World is in NJ, at Pizzatown USA on Rte 46, in Elmwood Park (East Paterson to old NJ'ers). What place did you find here that's decent?


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