GrrRl & Politically Purchasing Power

K d-m-c at
Mon Oct 19 11:51:17 PDT 1998

Hmmmm. 'Twould appear that I must highlight things I wrote for the benefit of those who like to skim:

>>Why in the f***k would you buy Gallo wine?
>That's like buying Coors
>>beer. When you know that a supplier is an
>outright union-busting swine,
>>why support it?

Mike's reply was to Chuck Grimes who was originally writing about buying gallo wine over 30 years ago. And, why point this out on a list anyway, one that is filled with people who probably already KNOW this? What *was* the point on either count? I perceived it as self-indulgent and condecending. In my own self-indulgent way, I wrote a post back, polite and respectful for the most part. Unless, of course, the norms of what constitute polite and respectful on this particular list have shifted over night.

Anyhoo, I wrote several things which I hope will correct assumptions on the part of Nathan, Max, Tom:

"Mike, I respect your point, to some degree. But perhaps you might want to think about the situations that might prompt someone to buy gallo/coors/etc."

I noted that I agreed for the most part. I was pointing out that a supercilious attitude toward Chuck or anyone in general wasn't especially called for, especially absent any sort of understanding of the possible extra costs of time and money. I don't think these are insignificant. Perhaps in my impoveished state I overstate the case. Those who pointed out that it can't cost all that much more may well be right. I think we need to emprically investigate that one. ;-)


"I do try to make purchases that don't reinforce union- busters and the like, but it is *not* always easy, not only because it generally more expensive but also *time consuming*"


"But another point to raise is this: It's likely *impossible* to avoid buying products that haven't been through, at some point, a union-busting firm (or a racist/sexist one) in the production and distribution process."

I wasn't worried about good v. bad capitalism. I was asking a specific question about whether we really could effect a coherent boycott politics if we don't attend to *all* the ways in which these firms are *specifically* union busters. Thanks to those who pointed out some distinctions and offered ways in which to coherently defend the boycott strategy. That was precisely what I was hoping to read. Thanks again, since I'm so isolated and hang out with the wrong marxists/leftists/radicals this list is proving invaluable. Honest to Goddess, I've never heard/read good consistent thinking on the boycott issue.


"This isn't some lame defense of my inability to actually afford politically correct foods; it's a real, honest question. I'd really like to know if this is possible and if it's at all affordable for the average consumer."

Thanks to suggestions about boycotts and union made products. The comment was tongue in cheek really. As I said, "I do try to keep up with and respect boycotts" But now I think I will do a comparative investigation and report back to the list what I find with regard to how much it costs and how much time it took to do this. Perhaps the economists will give me hand calculating how the initial start up investment should be calculated, etc?


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