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John K. Taber jktaber at
Mon Oct 19 18:35:54 PDT 1998

Brad De Long wrote:

> P.S.: Don't underestimate the sloppiness of Republican opposition research.
> They confirmed Alan Blinder to be Vice Chair of the Fed without a whimper,
> after all, even though sitting right smack in the middle of a book he had
> written in the mid-1980s was an extended metaphor about how inflation was
> like a cold, unemployment like a lobotomy, and that no sane person checks
> into the hospital for a lobotomy when you have a head cold... (instead you
> take aspirin and decongestants: tax-based income policies, moral suasion,
> centralized wage bargaining, and so forth).

I'm confused about Blinder. He contributed a piece to Carolyn Weaver's book against Social Security. I read his piece as anti-SS. Weaver was the editor, and the sponsor was the American Heritage Institute.

For me, he made the wrong noises, although perhaps I did not understand him. Yet, in other cases he seems to make the right noises.

-- I've been able to string more words into fewer ideas than anybody I know, and I'm continuing to do that.

- Alan Greenspan to the Senate Budget Committee, Sept 23, 1998

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