gay bashing and class

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Subject: Re: gay bashing and class


i wasn't at the funeral-actually, i haven't heard anything about the funeral-perhaps that's good cuz the family rightfully wanted some privacy-But yeah, i did hear there was going to be a group of anti-gay protesters who were still going to protest--kind of sick- recently in Washington there have been full page ads in the paper placed by a group of "reformed" gay and lesbians who claim to now be straight- What i liked about the vigil was that there were connections drawn between what happened with Matt Shepard and with what happened with James Baird in Texas. both incidents were awful-its sickening when i think about it too much-but the point to me is that these are horrible incidents, but harassment and discrimination and degrees of physical violence happen, unfortunately, on a daily basis, especially for people of color and for people in the gay and lesbian community- when talking about the 2 guys who killed Matt Shepard, i really wonder if there is all that much that differentiates them from alot of other people who are prejudiced, there are plenty of people capable of doing this-i don't know if a class based argument would really be valid-

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