GirrRl and Politically Purchaseing Power

Frances Bolton (PHI) fbolton at
Wed Oct 21 16:31:58 PDT 1998

I do love having people telling me I'm right, but I have to admit that it these insighful comments come from Snitgirl.

> Right you are on this count Francis.
> Right now in my environment, I'm bugged by dominate men and the dominated,
> but cooperative women who support them. And you know, sometimes it's just
> fun to say something bitchy.
> BTW, your off list comment on the southern nature of Tampa is duly noted. I
> guess I'm mainly thinking of South Florida, which is totally northern and
> has plenty of deli's. When I was in Tampa, we rarely went 1/2 mile from
> Desoto hall. And when we did venture out, it was Sarasota and New College
> which was probably not typical of the population.
> Sorry guys
> Paula

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