Monopoly Bookstore Chains and Left Wing Magazines.

James Baird jlbaird3 at
Thu Oct 22 15:13:00 PDT 1998

>I have to agree with this. In both Oakland and New Haven, Barnes &
>have very good ranges of left magazines. Just their capacity for
>so many magazines gives the odd left journal a better chance of making
>on the shelves. As someone who grew up in a true suburban wasteland
>local bookstores had nothing more radical than Readers Digest, I really
>can't bemoan the rise of the chains. For every cool independent
>they undermine in urban centers, the megastore chains are bringing a
>new range of thought and ideas to suburban areas previously services
>largely by "gift book" stores and Waldenbook chains (a true

I really try to hate Border's and B&N. I really do. I know they put local bookstores out of business, etc. But when I can go into a generic suburban strip mall, pick up one of the 2 or 3 separate editions of the Communist Manifesto in the Marxism section(!), and sit down and read it while drinking a coffee, I weaken...

Jim Baird

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